MANEUVER is a participatory sculpture. Made from gold sandbags that symbolize illumination, courage, compassion, value, achievement, and prosperity, and textile-clad bags that reference the many cultures and communities of New York City, MANEUVER will take multiple forms over the course of the exhibition period. Speaking to the seemingly insurmountable pressures and forces that impact our daily lives, its sculptural configurations will reference political agendas, climate change, real estate development, wealth and value. Members of the public will be invited to join the artist in this work at scheduled sculpture events: the labor of undoing and remaking of the sculpture will manifest collective power, cooperation and care.

The first project activation will take place November 3, from 1-3pm, and you're invited. For more information, please click here.

This work is inspired by the current political moment defined by walls, boundaries, #winning, and #losing. It’s inspired by escalating climate projections and realities. It’s inspired by the financial windfalls of New York City waterfront redevelopment (now encroaching on Queens) displacing livelihoods and homes. Speaking to the current political moment, escalating climate projections, and the economics of waterfront redevelopment, the Maneuver's shifting form symbolizes the circulation of wealth and power, the walls we build that divide and protect; and questions who’s kept in and out, what is saved, and what is lost.