M____Pop-Up Shop is a temporary storefront dedicated to women’s health with a focus on the aging female body. 

Slated for August, 2018, M___ will prevent a collection of programs will include an overviews of cis and trans female health ages 30-70 in downtown Brooklyn; perspectives on aging and identity; and nutrition and fitness for aging bodies. Featured publications include “An Imperfect Guide to Menopause” a new handbook written for pre- and Peri-menopausal women as well as a range of printed materials and tools to help support the aging female body in coping with Perimenopause and Menopause (IE., Conversation starters, Adrenal Health Recipes, Exercise Routines, Resource Lists). All presentations, publications, activities and workshops are open to all.

M____ strives to bring visibility, understanding, and community to Menopause.  A life experience of over half the world’s population, It is a phase of biological development shrouded in shame, misinformation and isolation. Very few women begin the menopausal transition knowing little more than what what was provided in school health class or in scant, negative media portrayals of Menopause. Furthermore, the aging female body remains stigmatized and undervalued by western culture. During a cultural moment that’s sharply focused on women: women's rights to work without harrassment, women's rights to equal opportunities, treatment and wages, and yet, there is little focus on the rights to information about their bodies after puberty and reproduction, and most importantly that women have enormous societal value after their reproductive years are over

For more information, please contact nancy@wecanok.com.