It's Happening

  • Thar She Floats!

    Thar She Floats!

    It's official: the test launch of Citizen Bridge 2.0 was a success!!!

    Thanks to Recess and Pioneer Works for providing support to build this second iteration of the project. Without collaboration from Brady Caldwell, Brad Isnard and Mandi Fung who brought their design and build skills to bear, this phase could not have happened. 

    Lastly, MANY THANKS for the muscle and sweat of all my fellow citizens without whose help the launch couldn't have happened:

    Brady Caldwell
    Angela Conant
    Darrell Currington
    Molly Dilworth
    Raphael Frank
    Blake Goble
    Lydia Guerra
    Erin Leyden

    Sean Lincoln
    Grant Knapp
    Brian Piersol
    Robert Ransick
    Allison Rowe
    Katie Salen
    Max Sherwood
    David Singer
    Emily Spurr
    Monica Tinyo
    Marina Zurkow