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  • Rank and File

    Rank and File

    FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2013
    12 noon
    the Old School
    233 Mott Street (at the corner of Prince) 
    New York City
    Sponsored by ASAP for Idea City 

    Rank and File is a performance examining the value of potential (untapped) capital through some of the city’s more elusive surplus resources. Led by two college students with the assistance of the two artists(faculty), the students engage attendees in discussion, critique, and debate to rank the assembled file of options according to collectively determined value.

     The Rank and File of latent capital is a provocation, calling awareness to the unexplored asset spectrum of our shared daily experience, while surveying the deep web of value systems that exist between us.

    Join ASAP from 12:00-5:30 PM for a series of brief workshops, held in room 2.2 of the Old School, focusing on the university and alternative resources that may be used to support lifelong learning. The visiting LA-based collective has extended their "each one teach one" philosophy to incorporate local faculty, students, artists, writers, historians and lifelong learners exploring alternative resources and methods to engage individuals in and around the university.!future