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  • Insourcing: One Horsepower

    Insourcing: One Horsepower

    12 noon
    Grand Street & Eldridge Street
    New York City
    Supported by NARS for Idea City


    Insourcing: One Horsepower challenges the modern attitude that bodies are a fragile, useless technology,  by performing a unit of work used to measure that of animals and machines: the horsepower. In so doing, the performance seeks to in-source work by re-engaging the physical capacities that have long been displaced by industrial and post-industrial processes.

    While human labor remains a factor of production in many countries around the world, the individuality and humanity of workers are undercut by profit motives at a global scale.Insourcing: One Horsepower revalues individual physical effort as a central component of price and worth, and seeks an economy of means over an economy of scale. 

    Inspired by the cultural crossover of Chinatown, goods are still moved by hand and large loads of red-bagged groceries are carried long distances home to the outer boroughs, the artist seeks to harness and amplify that work in a single body.

    In asserting the preeminence of physical labor, the performance blurs the distinction between human, animal and machine, first and third world, chore, ritual and commerce.