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  • #RESELIENCETRAINING, 10 Tons of Art, November 3, 1-3pm at Socrates Sculpture Park

    #RESELIENCETRAINING, 10 Tons of Art, November 3, 1-3pm at Socrates Sculpture Park

    Join me in the building of a 10-ton sculpture at Socrates Sculpture Park Saturday, November 3 from 1-3pm.

    The work, Maneuver, is inspired by the complex and overwhelming crises that affect New Yorkers: political, environmental, and housing, as well as the walls that divide us and those that bring us together.

    Made of 400 sand bags, I invite you to join me to create a community of strength and care in the unmaking of its current state—a diversionary or boundary wall—into a more protective, inclusive form.

    This work needs your help!

    10 tons of change can’t happen without the collective power of many. Friends, families, community organizations, couples, singles, kids, adults, athletes, political activists, care-givers, artists, art-lovers, people who believe in collective action, and/or those who need a place to vent their frustration and rage are welcome.

    For more information, click here

  • Citizen Bridge bids adieu to Pioneer Works and Recess

    But we hope we'll see each other again...

    Nancy Nowacek: Citizen Bridge


    Over the course of her Session Nancy Nowacek, with the help of architects, industrial engineers and fellow citizens, designed, constructed and tested a prototype for an eventual footbridge to cross the waterway between Governor's Island and Red Hook, Brooklyn. To mark the end of her Session, Nowacek launched a website that tracks the project's development throughout Nancy's time at Session and beyond.


    Nancy and other Citizen Bridge contributors will reconvene for a cumulative event this fall, more details to come.

    Read Recess Critical Writing Fellow Angela Conant's work, Ideas Gap, created in conjunction with Citizen bridge here

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  • Thar She Floats!

    Thar She Floats!

    It's official: the test launch of Citizen Bridge 2.0 was a success!!!

    Thanks to Recess and Pioneer Works for providing support to build this second iteration of the project. Without collaboration from Brady Caldwell, Brad Isnard and Mandi Fung who brought their design and build skills to bear, this phase could not have happened. 

    Lastly, MANY THANKS for the muscle and sweat of all my fellow citizens without whose help the launch couldn't have happened:

    Brady Caldwell
    Angela Conant
    Darrell Currington
    Molly Dilworth
    Raphael Frank
    Blake Goble
    Lydia Guerra
    Erin Leyden

    Sean Lincoln
    Grant Knapp
    Brian Piersol
    Robert Ransick
    Allison Rowe
    Katie Salen
    Max Sherwood
    David Singer
    Emily Spurr
    Monica Tinyo
    Marina Zurkow




  • Citizen Bridge is Staycationing at Pioneer Works in Red Hook June 22 & 29

    Citizen Bridge is Staycationing at Pioneer Works in Red Hook June 22 & 29

    June 22 ( this Saturday!) PROTOTYPE VIEWING: 4-6PM
    159 Pioneer Street @ Imlay Street, Red Hook

    Citizen Bridge will debut a new design prototype from 4-6 pm at Pioneer Works.  If you haven't been to Red Hook yet this summer, or haven't yet visited the oasis that is Pioneer Works, please consider yourself invited to stop by! I've been working hard in collaboration with Brady Caldwell, Brad Isnard and Mandi Fung, recent graduates from Pratt's Architecture program, and with special consultation from Max Kufner to design and build this latest iteration of the project.  Special thanks to the staff at Recess and Pioneer Works for their support of this phase of the project.

    June 29 (next Saturday) LAUNCH at VALENTINO PIER: 1PM
    Starting from 159 Pioneer Street @ Imlay Street, Red Hook 

    After this weekend's viewing, Citizen Bridge will make its way down to Valentino Pier for a first launch into the water. Given the piece's size, it will be an ALL HANDS ON DECK event: the more the merrier. Please come help to join in the transport to Valentino Pier, and the trouble-shooting as we put it into and pull it out of the water. 

    We will start at Pioneer Works at 1pm, walking Citizen Bridge modules to the water. Expected round trip time is 90 minutes. 

    Email if you'd like to help crew!

  • Put on Your Party Shoes: Elastic City is Doing It UP

    Put on Your Party Shoes: Elastic City is Doing It UP

    May 23
    EFA Project Space

    I'm participating in Elastic City's first-ever Spring Benefit. It's at EFA Project Space (39th St, Manhattan) on Thursday, 5/23 at 7:30pm.

    It's gonna be a great night, as there will be: live drawing by legendary New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast, a crowdsourced Elastic City cocktail by expert bartenders, a DJ set by sound artist Maria Chavez, an otherworldly photobooth by Benjamin Frederickson & Juan Betancurth, mini-walks in the space by Elastic City artists, a special take-away by designer Riley Hooker, a raffle featuring prizes from a bunch of downtown arts orgs.

    Elastic City is a wonderful org. They're the only walks organization in the world that commissions artists from all disciplines to lead participatory walks for the public. They're newly a 501c3 (non-profit) and it takes a while to get into the grant cycle. The benefit is to help pay their artists, liability insurance and salaries for staff. Your support would help us make that possible.

    Would you be up for buying a ticket to the event? It's either $40 or $150.

    Do it. Do it furiously.

    for more info:


  • Rank and File

    Rank and File

    FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2013
    12 noon
    the Old School
    233 Mott Street (at the corner of Prince) 
    New York City
    Sponsored by ASAP for Idea City 

    Rank and File is a performance examining the value of potential (untapped) capital through some of the city’s more elusive surplus resources. Led by two college students with the assistance of the two artists(faculty), the students engage attendees in discussion, critique, and debate to rank the assembled file of options according to collectively determined value.

     The Rank and File of latent capital is a provocation, calling awareness to the unexplored asset spectrum of our shared daily experience, while surveying the deep web of value systems that exist between us.

    Join ASAP from 12:00-5:30 PM for a series of brief workshops, held in room 2.2 of the Old School, focusing on the university and alternative resources that may be used to support lifelong learning. The visiting LA-based collective has extended their "each one teach one" philosophy to incorporate local faculty, students, artists, writers, historians and lifelong learners exploring alternative resources and methods to engage individuals in and around the university.!future

  • Insourcing: One Horsepower

    Insourcing: One Horsepower

    12 noon
    Grand Street & Eldridge Street
    New York City
    Supported by NARS for Idea City


    Insourcing: One Horsepower challenges the modern attitude that bodies are a fragile, useless technology,  by performing a unit of work used to measure that of animals and machines: the horsepower. In so doing, the performance seeks to in-source work by re-engaging the physical capacities that have long been displaced by industrial and post-industrial processes.

    While human labor remains a factor of production in many countries around the world, the individuality and humanity of workers are undercut by profit motives at a global scale.Insourcing: One Horsepower revalues individual physical effort as a central component of price and worth, and seeks an economy of means over an economy of scale. 

    Inspired by the cultural crossover of Chinatown, goods are still moved by hand and large loads of red-bagged groceries are carried long distances home to the outer boroughs, the artist seeks to harness and amplify that work in a single body.

    In asserting the preeminence of physical labor, the performance blurs the distinction between human, animal and machine, first and third world, chore, ritual and commerce.