A Blind Woman Describes the Color Of the Sea

Inspired by traditions of land art, landscape photography minimalism and conceptual art, these works operate on the modern constructs of landscape and reflect the New York City waterways. If the built environment was the first major mediation of the natural environment, perhaps screen-based devices are today's. These channels—digital, analog, hydrological— converge most at the edges of the city, along the water.

I watch the water and the best I can do is strike a pose, arms outstretched and as still as possible. My iPhone becomes my closer, clearer set of eyes. We teeter over the railings making our way around broken pavement,marooned on the piers above. Together we watch, without moving or breathing, focused on its surface, hoping for a glimpse at what’s below.

This stream of data can’t be parsed. Does the water in my phone feel confined? Does it miss the beds and banks, rocks, rudders, plastic bags and beer cans? What happens when we max out our memory with captured nature? Climates shift, and old data returns home to the refuse heap.