-SHIP is an interactive and transformative vessel that will, through architecture, play, and sport reshape the spaces it occupies, and change the way Caraquenos relate to their city surrounds. It’s goal is to temporarily shift public perceptions of public urban spaces through a communal environment without fear of violence.

Named for the english grammatical suffix meaning "quality, condition; act, power, skill; office, position; relation between,"-Ship is an instrument of encounter, conversation, and speculation, designed to inspire imagination and shift perspective of public space through collaborative acts of play.  It is a vessel to engage ideas of Authorship, Fellowship, Stewardship, Workmanship, Statesmanship.

-SHIP, and its intrepid team of operators considered baseball is a common activity that (most) all Venezuelans understand. Thus, they have decided to use baseball to discover and nurture those qualities in Caraquenos in order to build future where all can thrive.

-SHIP is a collaboration between artist Nancy Nowacek, architecture studio ADJKM, Central Arquitectura and students from Universidad Central de Venezuela to create a mobile research facility to uncover the waking dreams for a sustainable future.